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Funny Wyoming Jokes. Over 100 funny jokes to make you laugh! There are some wyoming plow jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud.

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jayfug on Twitter Wyoming landscape, Wyoming travel, Wyoming from

The man shows him his wyoming license. So, he started to walk. One day he goes to play soccer with some friends of his an.

There's Nothing Worth Craping On!

The man shows him his wyoming license. Must be a lot of odd characters around here, though, right?” colorado resident: Everything you need over 50% off.

The Warden Then Picks Up The Third Duck Sticks His Finger Up Its Ass And Says, This Here Is A Colorado Duck.

I will never forget some of these, and you better believe my friends are hearing them. And that's now, with 35% of its budget provided by the federal government. “in wyoming, the beauty of our mountains is matched only by the grit of our people.”.

What's The Difference Between A University Of Wyoming Sorority Sister And A Scarecrow?

“coal is a big deal here in wyoming.”. Classic jokes puns family friendly jokes. He sits in the back of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in turn.

The More Groans, The Better The Joke.

This is what happens when thousands of people come together and share their funniest short jokes. That place must be a ghost town! 👍︎ 64. Kinda weird, going around with a random wy tattooed on his weiner, but he really loves wendy, so he couldn't care less about what other people thought.

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The chairman of wyoming's gop is floating the idea of secession. I lean over to my co worker and said casper, wyoming. “those things have never and will never touch my lips,” says.