Google Can I Tell You A Joke

Google Can I Tell You A Joke. No i'm sure it didn't. I was about to tell a bowling joke to a friend.

Tell Me a Funny Joke One Joke Coming Up! How Do You Keep Warm in a Cold
Tell Me a Funny Joke One Joke Coming Up! How Do You Keep Warm in a Cold from

Google is useful for finding all kinds of facts on the internet. Here are a couple of our favorites: And if you have nerdy friends, then there are smart google jokes they will find entertaining.

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Hey google tell me a joke in a sea of coders programmers and engineers comedian elena skopetos has the hardest job of all. Doc goes up to the pope and asks, pope can you tell me, are there any dwarf nuns in the vatican? he thinks for a moment. Cornered, the guy then points his umbrella's tip at the tiger and shouts bang at the tiger.

A Robot, A Gorilla, And Jesus With Wings Walked Into A Bar.

We hope you will find these google craigslist. “ok google, tell me a joke.”. Tell me 22 jokes that'll make me laugh!

Bing Could Have Totally Crushed Google If They Had Called It Bang I Mean, Think About It.

I googled the world's funniest joke. Plus over 100 more of the funniest jokes for holidays and even new jokes for dad to tell! Feast your eyes on these cracking gags!

A Guy Was Wandering In The Forest Where He Encountered A Tiger.

He’s the only survivor and when he becomes conscious, he sees a horde of cannibals approaching, led by a very strong guy with a spear. The extent to which google can decipher meaning at the present time is unclear; What is a sea monster’s favorite snack?

So, The Man Asked Again ;

“oh no, now i’m screwed…”he thinks. Jesus got a glass of water, the gorilla got a banana daquiri, the robo. Suddenly the plane malfunctions and crashes on a remote island.