How Do You Say 69 In Chinese Joke

How Do You Say 69 In Chinese Joke. Kāiwánxiào fun, crack a joke, play a. How do you say 69 in chinese?

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Watch popular content from the following creators: It would only be funny, if i ask 现在是什么时间?, which people rarely do, and i. You have been so kind, so nice, i want to tell you…i’m jesus!

相声 (Xiàng) Sheng Cross Talk / Sketch.

Some characters are actually pronounced with a tone change in the context, i put the actual pronunciation in the parenthesis. Whatever the reason, let’s hope the outcome of this chinese twitter joke story is ultimately the same as that in the uk. お知らせくださってありがとうございます。 thank you for informing me.

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Jokes, quotations, humor, wisdom pills; Thats why your name is ching chang chong. Jokes how do you say 69 in chinese.

How Do You Say This In Simplified Chinese (China)?

A man is driving through the country at night when his car breaks down. He walks to the nearest farm, a big 3 story farmhouse, and when he knocks on the door and old chinese man answers. 玩笑 means to joke and usually, you’ll use it with the verb 开 like 我 开玩笑.

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Frisky, 69 is a reference to a sexual position for mutual oral sex. Ho chow calls in to work and say, hey boss, i no come work today, i very sick. The version i heard was:

#Shortsspeak Chinese Like A Native Speaker.repeat The Phrases After The Speaker.language Channel:

How do you say this in simplified chinese (china)? Great collection of short funny quick jokes, laugh at really funny jokes and humors. I'm sorry to bother you sir, but my car broke down about a.