Is 100 Gecs A Joke

Is 100 Gecs A Joke. 100 gecs sounds like the internet. I want to have foot intercourse with my wife, but the only way she'll let me is if we have foot intercourse on the stump.

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This, of course, was a joke. 100 gecs feels like an elaborate joke by bo burnham. No comments on wtf is 100 gecs?

Ever Since The Breakout Success Of Their Debut Album 1000 Gecs Last Year.

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Maybe It’s Because 100 Gecs Are The Future That Fans Of 100 Gecs Are The Harbingers Of That Future.

Press j to jump to the feed. 100 gecs sounds like the internet. “it’s not a joke,” the band’s other half, producer dylan brady, reaffirms.

Sounds Like Someone Put Screws In A Blender.

“people think that we’ve staked our entire career on the. On first listen, you might mistake 100 gecs’ music for a joke. 100 gecs could not be more aesthetically opposed to sentiment.

I Don’t Entirely Know What “Harbinger” Means.

I still joke around since they are definitely a pretty goofy band but their stuff genuinely slaps imo. Many took their music as a joke at first, however upon further listening. From my first listen i loved 100 gecs.

This, Of Course, Was A Joke.

They’re very popular so they can’t be the worst. Their style is a very creative and entertaining mesh of the last decade or so of different kinds of internet music. Both serious and joke answers encouraged.