Is The Killing Joke Canon

Is The Killing Joke Canon. The killing joke is still canon post relaunch cosmo111687. The latest example, of course, is the rafael albuquerque joker month variant cover for batgirl #41 and its disturbing.

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Emphasis on the word “canon.”. The killing joke draws a very human joker, and a very human batman. With the new joker movie out in theaters, i saw some comments on reddit debating whether the killing joke was canon.

The Killing Joke As A Comic Made Several Events Canon:

The killing joke as continuity. “you needn’t be alone.” this is the joke. It wasn’t something that the editors asked for.

It Has Also Been Reprinted As Part Of The Dc Universe:

Dc confirmed that the killing joke will still be part of continuity even after the relaunch. The killing joke showed a series of flashbacks that revealed the. The killing joke is still canon post relaunch cosmo111687.

The Movie Takes It A Step Further.

Batman, teaching the joker sanity, is like an escaped mental patient offering another escaped. It has in its original form continuously been held in print since then. Their first album, killing joke, was released in 1980.after the release of revelations in 1982, bassist youth was replaced by paul raven.the band achieved mainstream success in 1985.

The Latest Example, Of Course, Is The Rafael Albuquerque Joker Month Variant Cover For Batgirl #41 And Its Disturbing.

Barbara's paralysis was accepted as dc canon — while paralyzed she. Also included are two reworked titles from the 2015 album pylon, remixed by dalgety and nick evans. Doomsday clock may have just made alan moore's the killing joke dc canon all over again.

The Killing Joke Is Now Young Justice:

Is the killing joke canon? Produced by the band and mixed by tom dalgety, the sound, full of refined space and clarity, always with a power driven narrative. That the joker definitely fell into a vat of acid and went nuts, that batman would never kill the joker no matter what was thrown at him and neither would commissioner gordon, and that barbara gordon was paralyzed from the waist down.