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Jokes > tags > bulgaria. 80 short jokes and one liners! It’s at these times that people might say, “it’s not important that i’m ok, it’s important that vute is.

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Bulgarians don’t say “it’s too late”… we say “you put your hood on after the rain” (след дъжд. Hungarian ethnic istvan marries a romanian woman. Bulgarian jokes that are not only about swede but actually working serbian puns like why don t the bulgarians greeks and armenians celebrate thanksgiving and a rather drunk lieutenant formed up the platoon.

A Boat Was Shipwrecked In The South Pacific, As A Result.

Once upon a time the bulgarians used to make nasty jokes about the albanians. Two men and one woman. Vegans have been screwing us over from the very beginning.

Nationalities Top Ten Reasons For Being A Serb:

Bulgarians don’t say “there’s only one way to do things”… we say “no matter how you turn, your ass is always in the back” (както и да се въртиш, задникът ти все е отзад). If eve had eaten the snake and. You can call yourself macedonian and not get killed by a bulgarian, greek, serb or albanian.

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The three of them are informed by an alien in a lab coat that standard procedure when contacting an unfamiliar species is to subject them to the standardized intergalactic intelligence test. A blonde woman is walking two dogs, one white and the other black. You can choose between several war criminals in presidential elections.

Satan Shows Up And Tells Them That He Will Kill Them If They Can't Throw Something He Can't Find Into The Ocean.

You described half the netherlands with this. A macedonian, a bulgarian, and an albanian. Signs, speed limits and traffic lights are for ‘losers’, or so it seems when you observe the street traffic.