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Jokes About Losing Things. At midnight, jim woke up to the sound of a scream coming from one of the rooms. Yo momma is so fat, i ran around her twice and got lost.

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A scientist and his frog. Keep the comment section civil and light hearted. Where did suzy go after getting lost on a minefield?

Here Are Exactly 75 Stupid Jokes That Will Probably Make You Burst Out Laughing Even When You’re Not In A Good Mood.

Death is something inevitable and losing a loved one, be it a father, mother, friend, partner or whoever it may be, is never easy to handle and is something very hard to deal with. A ceo went on a rock climbing trip with one of his employees. It's like a special competition in losing.

The Rabbit Says, “I Believe That I Am A Type O.”.

Each room was connected to one long hallway which lead to some stairs. Jump! and, the frog jumped. A scientist and his frog.

Yo Momma Is So Fat, I Ran Around Her Twice And Got Lost.

As the employee was climbing up, he lost his grip, and was only saved by the strength of the ceo who was barely able to hang on. The polite policeman explained that the elderly gentleman said that he was lost in the park and couldn't find his way home. And we promise you’ll easily.

My Dad Told Me This Joke Please Laugh.

You know, there’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot. So the mother goes over and asks why she hit. Most people are afraid to die.

Losing A Limb Does Not Mean Losing Your Sense Of Humor, Too!

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