Jokes About Pregnant Woman

Jokes About Pregnant Woman. Being pregnant is no funny joke. I got a vasectomy but my gf still got pregnant.

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I got a vasectomy but my gf still got pregnant. Don't! the nurse, bewildered, turns. She replied,my brother is an idiot i.

Pregnancy, Also Known As Gestation, Is The Time During Which One Or More Offspring Develops Inside A Woman.a Multiple Pregnancy Involves More Than One.

The first one says, i eat so many dills, my baby is gonna love pickles. the second woman says, my baby is gonna love cheese, i eat swiss by the block! the first two mothers stare at the third waiting for her say what her baby will love. Being pregnant may mean exhaustion, frustration, and mood swings, but these pregnancy memes and jokes will lighten your day. What do frozen beer, a burnt pizza, and a pregnant woman have in common?

The Burnette Says, I Know What I'm Going To Have. The Other To Asked How.

You can unscrew a lightbulb. When you pull the goalie, nobody gets pregnant. Pregnant horses run faster because they have more horsepower.

A Guy Called His Friend:

Three pregnant women are sitting around a table discussing their pregnancies. And i really put the pregnancy in nancy! The brunette says to the other 2 that i heard if you have sex on top, your more likely to have a boy.

To Pee Or Not To Pee Is Never The Question.

The nurse pats his hand reassuringly. Brenda, pregnant with her first child, was paying a visit to her obstetrician’s office. When the exam was over, she shyly began, “my husband wants me to ask you if its still okay…”.

Puck Is Not A Dirty Word.

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