Jokes About Pumpkin Pie

Jokes About Pumpkin Pie. What’s the pumpkin’s favorite western? The larger the pumpkin the more pies it can make, increasing their value and making them a favourite among home bakers.

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Why is pumpkin pie so much better than sweet potato pie? A pumpkin spice latte is like pure sodium hydroxide. What did the pumpkin say after thanksgiving?

Now That Autumn Is Here, You're Bound To See Pumpkins Almost Everywhere You Look.

50) your smile lights up a room. The funniest pumpkin pie jokes only! “you heard it here folks, it’s back, free pumpkin spiced oil changes with every tire.

Say Hollow To My Little Friend!

Pumpkin is an assortment of squash that individuals frequently consider a customary halloween embellishment or a thanksgiving pie filling. 55) beauty is in the pie of the beholder. Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road safely?

52) Pumpkin Spice Season Is Finally Here, Better Latte Than Never.

Most pumpkin varieties take 85 to 125 days to mature. They have been grown in north america for about 5000 years. Or they might get autumn'y ache.

A Latte Fuss Over Nothing.

Introducing our very own collection of exquisite pie humor. Pumpkin spice up your life. Best 417 pumpkin pie jokes and puns.

What Did The Pumpkin Say After Thanksgiving?

Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond! Pumpkins are an autumn romance. A big list of pumpkin jokes!