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Jokes About Submarines. See top 20 submarine from collection of 193 jokes and puns rated by visitors. The recruit follows orders, and stands by the periscope.

Just A Submarine Joke by marko.darko.549 Meme Center
Just A Submarine Joke by marko.darko.549 Meme Center from

He speaks with the officer, who assigns him his post. He’s cleaned about 3 dishes when the officer walks up again. Just about enough space for my.

Ours Run For Ten Years Without Resurfacing. Merkel Just Smiles.

O'bannon encountered a japanese submarine on patrol off the solomon islands. All three are sitting at a resort by the seaside, and are arguing. “i saw a chap with a big bushy beard earlier.”.

He Brought It Home And His Wife Looks At Him And Says, “What You Gonna Do With That.

All three of them are standing in a. Proof in the fact is there are more airplanes in the water than submarines in the air! The recruit follows orders, and stands by the periscope.

Proof In The Fact Is There Are More Airplanes In The Water Than Submarines In The Air!

You should give it some vitamin sea. Because all hands were on the deck. Our new submarine can only reach 3 centimeters above the deepest part of the ocean. it was now the french ambassador's turn to make announcement of france's contribution.

Teach A Man To Fish, And He’ll Never Be Around For The Weekends Anymore.

Back in 2013, a group of filipino ofw (overseas filipino worker) got bored and they try to look for some amusing quotes on the net just to have fun but sadly most of the websites they found on that time are having an old jokes and have no interaction with the users. Russian submarines are best in world, they go months without refueling. merkel opens her mouth to speak, when a submarine rises out of the water. He learned that his booty was only shin deep.

At The Regatta, The Blue Sailboat Hit The Red One….

A couple of the reactor “nukes” were getting sick of it so they hatched. The new ensign was assigned to subs, where he’d dreamed of working since a young boy. “was it a naval beard?”.