Michal Jackson Jokes

Michal Jackson Jokes. Fox has a small one. Well that worked out well, huh?

Peel Here 37, insert Michael Jackson joke here… Branded in the 80s
Peel Here 37, insert Michael Jackson joke here… Branded in the 80s from brandedinthe80s.com

Michael jackson is known for his moonwalk, for being the king of pop and for his popular music. Every time jackson asked the person he was fighting, you want a piece of me. Here you will find a great collection of silly, corny and funny michael jackson jokes for fans, fanatics, followers, groupies and everyone else who likes awesome celebrity jokes.

He Was A Loon Who Needed Some Serious Psychiatric Care, But Never The Less, I Intend To Share All The Rather Sick And Twisted Mj.

Clinton uses his all the time. We never saw lucy use desi's. In shocking revelation, he might have really been the father of billie jean's son.

We Hope You Will Find These Jackson.

Check out the index for other performers we have jokes about. Following is our collection of funny jackson jokes. A few not so politically correct michael jackson jokes.

The Way You Make Me Feel, It Really Turns Me On! Q:

Anybody who knows me, knows that i am not a michael jackson fan. “got two fives for a ten?”. You have to really commit to the punchline for this one.

Rip Michael Jackson, He Touched To Many People, Albeit Most Of Them.

Did you hear they think michael jackson died from food poisoning, he ate 12 year old nuts and a 13 year old wiener. The best 93 jackson jokes. Heard on jay leno, march 7, 2005:

Did You Hear About Michael Jackson's Latest Record?

Cher claims that she took on 3. Elton john wasn't the only one who composed a song for diana: What did michael jackson say when a boy in.