Origin Of Dumb Blonde Jokes

Origin Of Dumb Blonde Jokes. Dumb blonde in a car. The illuminating diary of a professional lady (later used as source for a film by the same name.

Blondes have a reputation for not being the smartest out there. With
Blondes have a reputation for not being the smartest out there. With from www.pinterest.com

To help me collect the jokes. The conversation between two blondes: A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette were all lost in the desert.

A Guy Was Driving In A Car With A Blonde.

The second one said, “no, it’s wolf tracks” and before the third one could answer, they got hit by a train. Hey man, the bartender says, you're blind so there is a few things you should know before you tell your joke. You're getting smarter already! ( submitted by 'ben' )

The 1925 Anita Loos Novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:

Great question, but no easy answer. I’ve heard that christmas will be on friday this year. Peter looks at the second blonde, shakes his head in disgust, tells her she's wrong, and then peers over his glasses at the third blonde and asks, 'what is easter?'

What About The Blonde Who Gave Birth To Twins?

Did you hear about the dead blonde in the closet? 40 funny blonde jokes you should probably never say out loud. Just kidding… blondes are know to be dumb, but it is just a myth.

Sharon Stone, Madonna, Jodie Foster.

How do you keep a blonde in the shower all day? A dumb blonde guy and a brunette girl are walking through the woods when the brunette says, oh look! The first one said, “look, it’s deer tracks.”.

Three Blondes Girls Were Walking In The Woods And Came Upon Tracks.

You are in a dike bar, the only one in town actually, and many of us are blonde. I must say, one or two jokes are real life facts! 53 funny blonde jokes to tell your friend 2022 to laugh hard + funny blonde quotes and answers to the jokes.