Pat And Mike Irish Jokes

Pat And Mike Irish Jokes. After a quick consultation, the optician presented his findings. “sure, and i hate to be tellin ya this, but there’s been an accident down at the guinness.””saints preserve us,” says she, “is mike alright?”pat responds, “i’d like to tell ya that, but it’d be a lie.

Beer Funny Adult Humor Pun St Patricks Day Apparel Digital Art by Michael S
Beer Funny Adult Humor Pun St Patricks Day Apparel Digital Art by Michael S from

It has been a while since i posted some new irish jokes. 1) best irish joke “the doctor”. Women are so stupid, my wife has just bought a car and she can't even drive! sean:

None Are More Loved, However, Than Those Of Pat And Mike, Page 6 The Best Irish Jokes Divine Velocity Pat And Mikel\ Were Working On The Tenth Story Of A Buildihg In Course Of Construction, When Mike Slipped Over The Edge, And Started Downward Toward The Ground Far Below.

Back to the irish jokes pages index. Pat and mike work at the guinness brewery, and one day there’s an accident.pat calls mike’s wife, mary, and says: Four reasons jesus must've been irish.

Paddy And Mick Are Walking Down The Road And Paddy's Got A Bag Of Doughnuts In His Hand.

The priest asks, 'was it mrs murphy'? Today i dug up 5 brilliant new irish jokes. Irish old age jokes prove that with time both wisdom and humor are inevitable.

But The Best He Could Manage Was Forty Trees A Day.

Sure, and i hate to be tellin ya. If you enjoy irish jokes, i send a new one out every friday on my weekly dose of irish straight to your inbox. An irishman, russian and a blonde come across a magical slide.

'No, Father', Was The Reply.

That's nothing, my wife's on a diet and she's not even fat. Between you and i, we've had 'em all! 6. His wife notices his duress and asks him what's wrong.

I Have Been Updating My Main Irish Jokes Post Here.

Patricia stopped and asked the woman if she would like a lift. Pat her down, i am sure she has something. “so the doctor gives the man the tablets and the patient asks,