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Paulie Walnuts Jokes. She moves in, she could tip it over.furio giunta: Peter paul paulie walnuts gualtieri played by tony sirico, is a caporegime (captain) and later underboss in the dimeo crime family.

The Sopranos 10 Of Paulie's Funniest Quotes, Ranked ScreenRant
The Sopranos 10 Of Paulie's Funniest Quotes, Ranked ScreenRant from

The best 21 walnut jokes. “this guy gives him the works: One boy said, “lets gather all the walnuts and then we’ll divide them between us.”.

That Being Said, If Some Of Those Friends Fail To Deliver, It Might Be Necessary To Adopt A Hard Line From Time To Time, And As You Can See,.

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They Have Both Male And Female Sex Organs.

According to the sopranos, a family history, peter paul gualtieri, son of gennaro gualtieri (although paulie's biological father was later revealed to be a world war ii era soldier named russ), has been a troubled street kid from the age of nine. Mris, cat scans, dog scans, you name it.”. Me walking into the principal’s office after telling the fortnite kid the windex was a shield potion.

They Are Also Called Green Walnuts.

There's something wrong with him. Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond! Following is our collection of funny walnut jokes.

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Some Of The Dirty Witze And Dark Jokes Are Funny, But Use Them With Caution In Real Life.

So they gathered all the walnuts. He's startin' to look like an easy mark. I like a woman you can grab onto something.paulie 'walnuts' gualtieri: