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Penguin Chocolate Jokes. What do you call a penguin in the desert? “freeze a jolly good fellow.”.

Penguin Bar Jokes Another Home Image Ideas
Penguin Bar Jokes Another Home Image Ideas from

What's black and white and has eight wheels ? What do you call a penguin in the desert? 1.) your time with them is brief so treasure it.

Below Is A List Of Jokes That Were Available To Penguins.

More jokes continue below ↓ ↓. What dessert can fly a spaceship? One day he finds a magic lamp on the beach.

Don’t Fight With Me Over Chocolate, I Am Not Someone To Be Truffled With.

Snicker at this bounty of funny chocolate jokes! Nice tie mr! in the toilets the condom machine says : A zookeeper loses his bible while at work.

The Little Boy Looks Over And Responds, “My Great Grandfather Lived To Be 105.”.

If you like these laughs visit our beano. “not really,” says penguin “your name is written on the inside cover.”. I then had to fish it out of the bin and read the joke.

The Man Sitting Next To Him Looks Over And Says, “Eating That Many Chocolate Bars Are Bad For You.”.

I will grant you three wishes, says the genie. If you’re looking for a laugh or a great ice breaker, these jokes about penguins will have you rolling on the floor laughing. By the yattering » tue oct 14, 2008 3:18 pm.

“Yes” He Exclaims And Offers The Man Some Money To Take His Penguins To The Zoo.

He rubs it and a genie appears. A week later when he’s feeding the penguins one of them waddles up to him holding his bible in its beak. If you love these funny chocolate jokes, check out these tasty ice cream jokes and cake jokes for more yummy yuks.

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