Poo Knock Knock Joke

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How do you get the bathroom unlocked in a hurry? Just when they were resenting that their holiday is a damp squib, somebody knocked on the door. Here are some more jokes and knock knock jokes for kids:

Thanks For The Free Ticket. Replied The Voice, Running Away.

My daughter made that up. 👉 telling a knock knock joke is a great way to break the ice, but there are other ways you can make people loosen up. When jokes go too far, are mean or racist, we.

Just When They Were Resenting That Their Holiday Is A Damp Squib, Somebody Knocked On The Door.

But they’re a solid #2. Then is farting a missed call? Something is in the air and we don’t like it.

I Can’t Hold It In.

/ no i won’t smell your poo! When the ticket inspector knocked on the toilet door and said, ticket please. there you go, i replied, passing it under the door. A little boy is walking down the country road one day when he comes across a man who has a truckload of cow manure.

Knock Knock Jokes About Poop ‍ Hate Knocking At The Bathroom Door When You Need To Go Real Bad?

“stop making me laugh or i’ll puma pants!” did you hear about the constipated accountant? If pooping is a call of nature. Sadie magic word and i’ll come in!

I Was Picking Up Some Dog Poo In The Park Today And Thought To Myself.

Once kids begin laughing, they don’t want to stop. My own sense of humor may not have evolved too far past age eight). Some of them actually made me laugh out loud (especially the ones which involve poo;