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Shiny Bald Head Jokes. Following is our collection of funny bald people jokes. Dear sir, please find enclosed a pirates outfit.

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These jokes are the ones that look like they will get some genuine laughter! Enjoy the best bald jokes ever! The prince gifted a crown to his beloved, she said she was head over heels with him.

When Everyone Looks At Your Head From A Distance, They Might Look Like Hares.

“how about faux dollars faux hair?”. However a flippant comment from someone has made them paranoid that they need to get there hair sorted before it gets any worse. “i wonder if we die when we lose our head?”.

If I Fail, I Must Become Your Personal Genie For Eternity.”.

If you go bald in the front, you're a good thinker. Funniest jokes new jokes funniest bald jokes. If you go bald in the back, you're a good lover.

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Hair and bald joke 13. Your so bald your bald. I want a haircut please.

Your Head Is So Hairless That When You Wear A Poncho, You Look Like A Broken C**Dom.

Jokingly we often call a bald person 'bald bill'. The best thing about being tall and bald is that people just think you are tall. There are some bald people individuals jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud.

A Cowboy Walked Into A Barber Shop, Sat On The Barber’s Chair And Said, “I Ll Have A Shave And A Shoe Shine.”.

And when you get to our section on the best bald jokes, remember the wise words of larry david: A man with a bald head and a wooden leg gets invited to a hallowe'en party. Forehead jokes are similar to big head jokes but focus more on the forehead!