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Short Jokes Reddit. The question that received almost 19k upvotes was followed by many hilarious jokes that people were proud to share. And here’s 50 of the very best answers:

Funny Jokes Stories Reddit Best Reddit Jokes that Will Make You Laugh
Funny Jokes Stories Reddit Best Reddit Jokes that Will Make You Laugh from

There are 3 good things about alzheimer's: I bought my friend an. What did the policeman say to his hungry stomach?

“I’ll Have The Same,” Says The Emu.

A guy walks into a bar. I can't believe i just blew 30 bucks in there. A big list of short people jokes!

This Goes Straight Into The 'Jokes My Dad Is Gonna Love' Category.

“that will be £14.40 please.”. A short time later the waitress returns with the order and says: The waitress asks for their orders.

So Far, So Good. When I Was A Child We Had A Sandbox.

I once bought some used paint. Those of you who have teens can tell them clean short shorty dad jokes. If you’re not offended easily, these dirty jokes from ask reddit will have you busting a gut laughing.

Did You Know That Napoleon Bonaparte Never Said ‘Thank You’ To Anyone?

My army of bugs is crippled. Three men die together in an accident and are sent to hell. Two deer walk out of a gay bar.

So That’s Why We Found This Thread On Reddit Where Scarlett_J Asked “What’s A Short, Clean Joke That Gets A Laugh Every Time?” To Be The Perfect Way To Spend A Bit Of Time.

Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond! I tried to use penis as my. You get to hide your own easter eggs, you get to meet new people everyday, and.