Silly Jokes For Teens

Silly Jokes For Teens. What did the punching bag say to the boxer? Teenagers have a great sense of humor.

30 Funny Jokes for Teens Reader's Digest
30 Funny Jokes for Teens Reader's Digest from

These hilarious jokes for teens will not only make your kids happy but also brighten their day in the long run. Simple laughter can go a long way to put a smile on. How did the hipster burn his mouth?

“A Beer Please, And One For The Road.”.

How did the hipster burn his mouth? Funny guys have a higher chance that a girl will start hanging out. Excuse me, do not stand here.

Why Did God Supposedly Create Men Before Creating Women?

Can a kangaroo jump higher than the sydney harbour bridge? What has one eye, but can’t see? What do you call security guards working outside samsung shops?

Suddenly, Someone Hits Him On The Back:

“two girls are fighting for me.” 911: Try your luck with these funny and annoying jokes for teens. All your kids expect from you is happiness.

These Hilarious Jokes For Teens Are Geared Towards Older Kids.

A roman legionnaire walks into a bar, holds up two fingers and says, “five beers. There is a way to go to the river. Researchers used to believe that, while the brain never stops growing or adapting, the bulk of its neurons were created and then altered (or “pruned”) during a human’s first few years of life.

It Just Gave Some Wine.

When the grape was pinched, what did it say? 30 funny jokes for teens they’ll just have to laugh at 1. This is an extension of our best teenager jokes.