Simple Science Jokes

Simple Science Jokes. You don’t need to be a science geek to understand these science puns. For every phd there is an equal and opposite phd.

Pin by RADEEF BELAL on تعلم الكيمياء بطريقة سهلة Learn chemistry in an
Pin by RADEEF BELAL on تعلم الكيمياء بطريقة سهلة Learn chemistry in an from

Collection of funny jokes about science. Why are bacteria so bad at math? 1 millionth of a mouthwash is 1 microscope.

The Photon Didn’t Need A Suitcase For The Train;

A lawyer and scientist are having lunch together. Why are chemists so good at solving problems? 007’s eskimo cousin is named polar bond.

What Do You Call An Accountant In The Biology Department?

It was discovered in 1773.”. So bobby had a science project where he had to come up with an experiment and observation. So, grab your goggles and lab coat, because these jokes are explosive.

Best 47 Funny Science Jokes For School, Students And Teacher.

It was discovered in 1773. a blonde student responds, thank god i was born after 1773! Several of these jokes were developed by labxchange, a free online science education platform sponsored by the amgen foundation and developed at harvard! Even scientists enjoy bar jokes.

These Jokes Are Scientifically Proven To Leave Your Audience Laughing For.

Why are lab technicians so good at solving problems? Read and laugh at our funny science jokes for kids! He was so down to earth.

Parallel Lines Have So Much In Common.

55+ absolutely funny science jokes for kids & adults 1. A cloud of radon floats into a cafe. 50 hilarious jokes for kids to share with friends.