Sock Jokes One Liners

Sock Jokes One Liners. Check this funny reality of life. A train station is where a train stops.

The Best Meme Dad Jokes! in 2020 Punny jokes, Dad jokes, Jokes
The Best Meme Dad Jokes! in 2020 Punny jokes, Dad jokes, Jokes from

4) i used to have a few jokes about pairs of matching socks, but i’ve lost one. 85.56 % / 701 votes. The next sock pun is for all the facebook lovers.

“Some Cause Happiness Wherever They Go.

We went out and had a few drinks. Last week’s laptop jokes are here. The creative prowess of a writer, or a jokester, in this case, shines through the most when concentrated in the least possible words.

“A Computer Once Beat Me At Chess.

Well, how did you get. It should come as part of a pair, of course, but there’s only one…. Cool guy, wanted to become a web designer.

A Train Station Is Where A Train Stops.

I've got an odd sock. I wore the wrong sock this morning. They’ll never expect it back.

“I Bought Myself Some Glasses.

Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life. 3) dad (pointing to my foot): It's like a glove and has room for seven toes.

It’s A Sacrifice To The Dryer Gods.

He'd put them in a sock and beat someone with it. I will wear five pairs of socks to my wedding in case i get cold feet. What sort of socks do pirates wear?