Stallone Composers Joke Explained

Stallone Composers Joke Explained. Post jokes, memes, anything that makes you gut bust laughing. Sylvester responds, i'd be a great beethoven.

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Hoping to have the box office oomph of these superstars, spielberg was prepared to allow them to select the composers they would portray, providing they were among the most famous. [takes deep breath.] 0 comments. I wanna be beethoven, said stallone.

Why Did The Composer Only Compose While Lying In Bed?

Another funny joke posted by c_h_u_c_k, originally seen on reddit. Sylvester, arnold and van damme joke excited about his new project concept, a movie producer had called together several big name draws to kick some ideas around. Sylvester stallone, jean claude van damme, and arnold schwarzenegger are all making a movie about classical composers.

As The Two Are Planning Their Costumes, Arnold Checks The Time And Notices He's Late For An Appointment.

One student said i'll be beethoven. I gotta be mozart, retorted willis. The next expendables will be about composers.

Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris And Arnold Schwarzenegger Are Sitting In A Bar.

Like dude stop rubbing it in, we get it, you always had money. Stallone, willis and schwarzenegger are producing and starring in a period drama about the great composers. [takes deep breath.] 0 comments.

They Go Into A Costume Store And Look For Masks.

May 24th, 2017 via twitter staff pick. Sylvester stallone, bruce willis, arnold schwarzenegger, and steven seagal decide to make and star in a movie about famous composers. Another said i'll be mozart.

Next Up Is Chuck Norris.

Posts about composers written by stfleming. Sylvester stallone says, guys, we should make a movie with the three of us, but i'm all out of ideas at the moment, i'm kind of bored with the standard action flicks. chuck says, guys, i'm bored of doing action movies too and i've got some ideas but you may not. Arnold schwarznegger, sly stallone & chuck norris are invited to a ball where they must all go in fancy dress.