Super Edgy Jokes

Super Edgy Jokes. My boss asked me how good i was at making spreadsheets. “people in love often become edgy, dangerous.

Pin on Dank Memes for Edgy Teens
Pin on Dank Memes for Edgy Teens from

How is a woman like a condom? “people in love often become edgy, dangerous. The engineer pulled out a reuleaux triangle from his pocket.

From Deadpool To Iron Man, Aquaman To.

Master, the zen master next door had a stroke! You can dedicate them to your dad during father’s day or share them with your buddies during a drinking escapade. And if you want some more dark humor, check out our best dark jokes.

What Do You Call A Paraplegic Stuck In A Tower?

I have an attitude.” ~ hope solo. Owch! the chinese man says. A depressed emo high off shrooms was walking in the forest when he came across a tree with arms.

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If you call your bathroom “the jim” instead of “the john,” your morning routine sounds much better. As she's working up the courage to take the last step off, a sailor walks by and sees her. My boss asked me to start the presentation with a joke.

My Cat Is Gone Too, And My Snails Left Me Too Fast.

These are some truly fucked up jokes. A woman is standing on the edge of the verrazzano bridge ready to jump. Plus over 100 more of the funniest jokes for holidays and even new jokes for dad to tell!

These Edgy Jokes Can Be Offensive And Aggressive To Some People.

In the kitchen this morning, he tells me: You can also consider them as morbid jokes and offensive jokes. My thoughts are with his family.