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Tight Jokes One Liners. Camilla, the duchess of cornwall bought new shoes for her wedding. The creative prowess of a writer, or a jokester, in this case, shines through the most when concentrated in the least possible words.

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“some cause happiness wherever they go. The other said, well put some cold in it then! During the big day they became increasingly tighter and tighter as the day went on.

When You're Really In Need, There's Should Be A Pessimist Somewhere To Turn To.

Sigh, the skirt is still too tight, she reaches behind her a third time. When he talks, it isn’t a. Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.

“Some Cause Happiness Wherever They Go.

You'll just have to learn to be a little patient. if april showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring? A train station is where a train stops. I have an inferiority complex, but it’s not a very good one.

It's Pretty Cute Until It Poops On Your Head. I'm Skeptical Of Anyone Who Tells Me They Do Yoga Every Day.

Tighter than a nuns chuff. But i know a girl. The one liners are grouped in.

Playing Golf With Me Takes A Lot Of Balls.

That could peel an orange in his pocket. I don’t suffer from insanity—i enjoy every minute of. They’ll never expect it back.

If You Think Nobody Cares If You’re Alive, Try Missing A Couple Of Payments.

(leans in real close) that means i talk down to people. How dare you touch me, she squealed. This collection is simply intended to bring a smile to your face or brighten up your day….