Toilets Smoking Joke

Toilets Smoking Joke. Why do you always smoke 2 cigarettes together? You can wait for april’s fools day to arrive, but every day is a good day to pull a funny toilet prank!

Emma's april fools joke "Dad dad the toilet is smoking" Flickr
Emma's april fools joke "Dad dad the toilet is smoking" Flickr from

One day, the father noticed his son was taking quite some time in the toilet. If you are eating, send me a bite. The gecko saw it and went to ask for a hit and the sloth said sure man!

I Was In A Call With My Friend When Her Sister Came In Panicking &Amp;

The manufacturer of the toilet. No matter how hard she tries, she can't get unstuck, so she calls her husband for help. He went to check on him and overheard his son saying 2,4,2,4,2,4,2,4.

The Song In My Head Came To An Abrupt Halt.

Virginia slims cigarette paper now ribbed for her pleasure. The person discovers the toilet has been decorated to resemble a person smoking, generally using full toilet paper rolls for eyes and an empty toilet paper roll as a cigar or cigarette. Being on a united airlines flight is like smoking weed.

The Best Versions Of The Smoking Toilet Prank Are On Tiktok, Which Is The Perfect Format For Showing Off A Joke That Takes Almost No Time At All To Pull Off.

You take a hit, then a long drag and soon you wake up not knowing where you are. The guy remembered the woodcutter story and trying to be modest said i don't want this gold iphone mine was a simple one. i'm in the toilet, please advise.

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Smoking bacon will cure it. He says he wants to pee, but the lack of hands is preventing him. So your brother is out of the jail?

The Toilets Are No Longer A Place Where We Satisfy Our Biological Needs But Also A Fun And Entertaining Location In Which People Quite Willingly Tag Themselves And Friends.

Take a big hit that's some good shit. What do you say to the plumber/stripper when your toilet is clogged? Simpson's detectives to find the real killers.