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Number one and number two! This hilarious costco toilet paper meme has been hitting the social media waves with the typo of 3/01/25020. What kind of life does a toilet paper live?

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Number one and number two! Today was just the tip of the iceberg. Send a joke funny jokes.

This Hilarious Costco Toilet Paper Meme Has Been Hitting The Social Media Waves With The Typo Of 3/01/25020.

The frantic scrambles to grasp a loo roll reminded him of the arcade games, where players claw for the chance to win a. Why does toilet paper make an excellent detective? It got stuck in a crack.

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May we never live in a time again that both sams club and costco toilet paper shortages are a real thing. May the tp panic and craziness that this year brought leave our minds and memories forever. We shld all install bidets, but no.3.

Your Elbow Is Actually A Very Useful Thing And Not Just That Thing That Causes You Pain When You Hit It.4.

My grandpa said, your generation relies too much on technology. Check out this list of toilet paper jokes. She replied, if i told you, you would only laugh.

1 Jumbo Roll = 3 Deer Pelts.

Toilet paper one liners like 'the reason behind the toilet paper roll going down the hill is it had to go to the bottom' or 'the toilet paper could not cross the road because it was stuck' would make our kids laugh so much. Don't be silly, i replied. We’re now using lettuce leaves.