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Usc Ucla Rivalry Jokes. Lou alcinder was probably the greatest college basketball player of all time leading ucla to three ncaa championships. What are the best four years of a usc trojan's.

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After graduating, he changed his name to kareem abdul jabbar in recogniiton of his muslem faith. Here are some of our favorite jokes about usc's biggest rivals. The school with the most units of blood donated by the end of the week wins a trophy during halftime.

They Must Be Elk Tracks.”.

As the rivalry is renewed this week, we thought it was relevant to take a. • what does a ucla fan do when the bruins win the bcs championship? Following is our collection of funny ucla jokes.

Each School Hosts A Blood Drive During Rivalry Week.

As the debate raged on. Two ucla scholars were walking through the woods and came upon a set of tracks. Leigh pitre and christopher vickers.

Did You Hear The Usc Library Burned Down?.

The first ucla scholar said, “those are deer tracks.”. Usc's official colors are cardinal and gold, which are very similar to the colors of mustard and ketchup. How do you get a usc graduate off your porch?.

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Ucla college football rivalry originally appeared in athlon's 1990 college football annuals. Here’s our look back at the top five unusual meetings in the history of this storied rivalry game. We hope you will find these ucla lakers puns.

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This article on the usc vs. I saw your class ring when you were picking your nose.”. The rivalry between the usc trojans and ucla bruins dates back to 1929.