What Did The G I Jane Joke Mean

What Did The G I Jane Joke Mean. What chris rock meant by “ g.i. Few remember the film, but if they do, it’s for moore’s shaved head.

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Chris rock's joke was not well received by will smith due to the former's g.i. For a movie that came out in 1997, g.i. Jane was a 1997 movie in which the protagonist was a bald woman.

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The film was produced by largo entertainment, scott free productions, and caravan pictures, and distributed by. The sudden incident happened after chris, 57, made a joke about jada pinkett smith' s shaved head. She was boycotting the occasion as a consequence.

In Gi Jane, The Protagonist Shaves Her Head After Joining The Military.

What chris rock meant by “ g.i. Will hit chris rock after he made a joke about his wife (image: Theres a lot happening during.

The Altercation Occurred After Rock, 57, Made A Joke About Jada Pinkett Smith’s Shaved Head.

What google does for a person. Gi jane, played by demi moore, had her head shaved. The trigger was a joke cracked by rock about smith's wife jada pinkett smith.

Jada, Can't Wait For G.i.

Jane” was released in theaters starring demi moore, who played. Addressing smith's wife personally in his. That no doubt prompted chris rock ’s joke sunday night at the oscars, directed at jada pinkett smith, in which he compared her shorn head to moore’s in the film.

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In 2016, us weekly reported rock publicly made enjoyable of pinkett smith for boycotting the oscars. Actor will smith shocked the world by hitting comedian chris rock in the face on stage at the oscars night on sunday. Jane is a 1997 american film starring demi moore (charlies’ angels: