What Is Alexa's Joke Of The Day

What Is Alexa's Joke Of The Day. Helmet and death star are optional. Alexa, tell me a riddle.

Alexa tell me a joke
Alexa tell me a joke from mishkanet.com

So grab your lightsaber and your darkest clothes, then add this to your list of funny things to say to alexa. “alexa, make me laugh with some jokes”. There are some alexa ellie jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud.

Alexa, Tell Me A Riddle.

What do you think alexa, siri, and cortana identity as binary. Alexa, are you keeping an eye on me? 5.4/ 10 (5) the birth of eve.

Alexa, Do You Have Any.

Alexa, may the force be with you. What is the sound of one hand clapping. Alexa, define rock paper scissors lizard spock.

All I Know Is That Someone Has Been Eating All My Cookies.

Asking you a volley of trivia questions complete with canned applause and audience laughter. “alexa, tell me a joke.”. You can ask her questions and she'll answer.

I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That.

Alexa is a robot made by amazon and she is super sassy! Say alexa, ask gabe the dog to bork, and gabe will bork along to any number of classic songs. Alexa, tell me a pun.

“Alexa, Make Me Laugh With Some Jokes”.

Alexa, tell me a dinosaur joke. Alexa, speak in iambic pentameter. The blonde guy thanks him and spends the next 5 hours roaming the beach with a potato in his.