What Is Updog Joke

What Is Updog Joke. An accounting joke used to pass the time. Since then the joke had made it to buzzfeed, youtube as well as several other sites, where heralds of humor are exploiting the ignorance of others.

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You didn't notice i missed fact 5. Updog (ultimate paralyzation of damaged organ genetics) is a process in the bofa (body oscillation / fatal area) in which dna is modified into having ligma symptoms in the genetics. This is key to understanding the joke.

A Joke Where A Person Mentions Updog A Bunch Of Times Until The Recipient Says What Is Updog But The Joke Is That It's Supposed To Mean What's Up, Dawg (Another Way Of Saying Hey) And Then You Answer Not Much What's Up With You! And Rek Ther Ass Ur Sumthing.

I don't really know, but you have some updog on your collar. Person b doesn't know the meaning of updog, so he asks what's updog? person a has tricked person b into saying what's up dawg? in a casual slangy way. You like this and you're going to.

So I Tried To Do The “Updog” Joke On My Mum | And She Just Wouldn’t Say, Whats Up Dog | And Then She Starts Getting Angry At Me 😂.

'what flavour coffee is that, up dog?ryan: Rosemi now knows what updog is. A code word for jizz, (also a really lame joke) person 1:

In 2013, A Series Of Updog Jokes Have Been Posted On Reddit, Featuring Scenes And Characters Form Game Of Thrones, Who Were Trolled Without Mercy.

Thats nasty it look like updog. This article is a joke. Updog is the combination of two english words.

In The Aave Dialect, Dog Can Be Used To Refer To A Friend.

It doesn't actually mean anything. The best memes from instagram, facebook, vine, and twitter about what is updog. See updawg, tennis, shock absorber, racket.

I Believe It Is Used Exclusively From One Male To Another, And Is Meant To Indicate More Than A Mere Casual Acquaintence.

The joke is, person a says it smells like updog. (updog is a made up word). It is the trick that is the joke. It is soley used in the english language as a set up for a joke, relating to the common phrase what's up? and the referal to a person as dog.