Who Invented Yo Mama Jokes

Who Invented Yo Mama Jokes. Yo mama so fat, and old, that when god said “let there be. Yo mama’s so dumb, when the doctor told her she had coronavirus, she bought a new laptop.

Who invented yo mama Jokes
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Because mothers are always by our side to make us laugh, read now these yo mama jokes to make her laugh. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The ancient tablet was uncovered in 1976 by an archaeologist named j.j.

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Its origin is the african american oral tradition of playing the dozens. this was a game where people traded off insults until one party either. Yo mama's armpits are so hairy, it looks like she's got buckwheat in a headlock. Yo mama's so fat, when she fell i didn't laugh, but the sidewalk cracked up.

One Episode Featured A Game Called The Dirty.

Imagine being chained to people who cannot even speak. Yo mama so fat, i took a picture of her last christmas and the damn thing’s still printing. Yo mama so stupid… yo momma so stupid she finished a puzzle in in a week and got excited cos the box said 2 to 4 years.

Yo Mama's Teeth Are So Yellow When She Smiles At Traffic, It Slows Down.

They may have been created by slaves who came from africa. 17 yo mama is so ugly, she made the back street boys go front. Yo mama so narcissistic she just.

Yo Mama So Fat, And Old, That When God Said “Let There Be.

The ancient tablet that holds the world’s oldest ‘yo mama’ joke to have been discovered was unearthed in 1976 by. In this 1975 film, a french soldier yelled, your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries! of course, it took a couple more decades for yo mama jokes to really catch on with the public. Yo mama's so stupid, she got hit by a parked car.

Yo Mama’s So Stupid, She Got Locked In A Mattress Store And Slept On The Floor.

The channel is hosted by a fictional character brody foxx, an animated character who says all the 'yo mama' jokes, and voiced by the youtuber brock baker. Because mothers are always by our side to make us laugh, read now these yo mama jokes to make her laugh. Yo mama so stupid she wore a coat to dairy queen because she heard they had blizzards.