Why Was Will So Mad About Gi Jane Joke

Why Was Will So Mad About Gi Jane Joke. However, things took a turn when he made joke about the king richard star's wife jada pinkett smith, suggesting she looked like 'gi jane'. His kids would been successful human beings if not g.

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The unscripted moment came when, before announcing the award for best documentary, rock joked jada, i love ya. The sudden incident happened after chris, 57, made a joke about jada pinkett smith' s shaved head. When rock took the stage at.

The Unscripted Moment Came When, Before Announcing The Award For Best Documentary, Rock Joked Jada, I Love Ya.

Why chris rock's oscars 'gi jane' joke hit such a nerve. Jane 2,’ can’t wait to see it,” but while the “king richard” star first laughed about the joke, he immediately turned sour. While he was hostings oscars 2016, the comedian had joked about jada boycotting the oscars because no black person was nominated that year.

However, Things Took A Turn When He Made Joke About The King Richard Star's Wife Jada Pinkett Smith, Suggesting She Looked Like 'Gi Jane'.

It’s because demi moore was gi jane (bald head reference) and then cheated on her husband with much younger ashton kutcher (layered dig at the smith’s “situation” ) edit: This isn't the first time chris rock had made a joke on jada though. Will smith just smacked chris rock and said “keep my wife’s name out of your f****** mouth!” twice after he joked that jada looked.

I Kind Of Think Maybe Jada Wasn't Happy With Rock Before She Even Arrived At The Osca.

I think he was more upset that it upset his wife jada. Jada, can't wait for gi jane. This moment came just seconds after rock, who is known for his dark humour, said jada, can't wait for gi jane 2, in.

Hollywood Star Will Smith Made Global Headlines After He Slapped Comedian Chris Rock In The Face On Stage At The Oscars Night On Sunday For Cracking A Joke At His Wife Jada Pinkett Smith And Her.

Chris rock had made many jokes towards jada going back to the 90s, the gi jane joke really wasn't that hard compared to some of the others. The oscars stage had a true surprise moment—and an offensive joke that absolutely did not land—when chris rock made a quip about will. He then gave him a classic smack across the face that could be heard clearly over the microphone before walking back to his seat.

His Kids Would Been Successful Human Beings If Not G.

Jada, can't wait for g.i. Chris rock was presenting the award for best documentary when he made an unfortunate joke that angered the american actor and producer. Chris, 57, made a joke about jada pinket smith's shaved head telling her: