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Witch Jokes For Kids. Well, i always knew i had a keen sense of spell…. 13 purple witch joke #3.

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The brunette says, i think i'm the prettiest. Whether your little one is going as a witch, pumpkin or ghost, they’re going to need some spooky jokes to tell their friends. 13 purple witch joke #7.

Kids Will Laugh Out Loud When They Hear These Jokes About Witch!

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The Redhead Says, I Think I'm The Smartest.

What has hundreds of ears but can’t hear a thing? Here are 53 halloween jokes that are perfect for kids… Hilarious halloween jokes for kids ghost jokes for halloween

Why Not Put A Joke In Your Child’s Lunch Box Every Day In The Run Up To Halloween?

The jokes do include ghosts, witches, vampires and skeletons, so just bear that in mind, but jokes are also a good way of reducing fears. You take two scoops of ice cream, a glass of coke and one witch…! A witch laughing her head off!

13 Purple Witch Joke #10.

the guy says, oh, i want them both now. A man walks into a bar and says, bartender, give me two shots. A witch in a minefield!

The Brunette Says, I Think I'm The Prettiest.

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