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Yo Mama Joked. Your mama so hot, when she visits antarctica, locals call it summertime. Yo momma is so fat that dora can't even explore her!

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Yo mama’s so fat… i swerved to miss her in my car and ran out of gas. Yo momma is so fat when she sat on walmart, she lowered the prices. Little mouse bursts in tears.

4) Yo Momma So Stupid, When I Told Her That She Lost Her Mind, She Went Looking For It.

Your mama so hot, rangers banned her from national parks for starting forest fires. However, modern ‘yo mama’ jokes aren’t necessarily offensive. Yo mama full insult jokes.

Yo Mama’s Cooking So Nasty… The Flys Got Together And Fixed The Hole In The Window Screen.

Yo mama is so ridiculous, she tried to hike mountain dew. Yo mama is so old, they didn’t teach history when she was in school. Yo mama is so hot, she makes the sun sweat.

Yo Momma's So Fat And Old When God Said, Let There Be Light, He Asked Your Mother To Move Out Of The Way.

300+ funny yo mama jokes get ready to laugh your tail off at these funny and hilarious yo mama jokes you can be the life of the party and make everyone laugh while using these jokes. We’ve prepared a collection of 60 most hilarious ‘yo mama’ jokes that will leave you rolling around with laughter. Maybe the floor was more comfortable than the mattress!

Yo Mama So Fat, I Took A Picture Of Her Last Christmas And The Damn Thing’s Still Printing.

While the jokes still don’t portray mothers in a positive light, they’re mostly said to trigger fun and laughter. Yo mama so old, she was a waitress at the last supper. 25 yo momma is so fat when she went to kfc the cashier asked, “what size bucket?” and yo momma said, “the one on the roof.”.

Yo Mama's So Fat, She Brought A Spoon To The Super Bowl.

Yo mama is so old, alarms went off when she stepped outside of the museum. Yo mama’s so stupid, she got locked in a mattress store and slept on the floor. Yo mama's teeth are so yellow when she smiles at traffic, it slows down.