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Yo Mama Jokes Lyrics. Yo mama so scary, you thought the monsters in your closet were friends. Yo mama's so fat, when she fell i didn't laugh, but the sidewalk cracked up.

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Yo momma’s so lazy that she’s got a remote control just to operate her remote. Yo mama’s teeth are so yellow…. Yo mama so ugly main article:

Yo Mama Is So Fat That She Was Born On The 4Th, 5Th, And Also Sixth Of June.”.

Yo mama’s so stupid, she thought a quarterback was a refund. Yo mama's so fat, she uses google earth to take a selfie. 25 yo momma is so fat when she went to kfc the cashier asked, “what size bucket?” and yo momma said, “the one on the roof.”.

Yo Mama Is So Stupid That She Carries A Ruler In The Rail Station To Measure How Long She Has To.

By clicking “create account”, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the terms of service. Yo momma is so fat when she sat on walmart, she lowered the prices. When thieves broke into her house and stole the tv, she chased after them shouting “wait, you forgot the remote!”.

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Ya mama, ya mama, ya mama. So then god sent her to hell. Yo momma's so fat and old when god said, let there be light, he asked your mother to move out of the way.

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26 yo momma is so stupid she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept. Yo mama’s so fat she takes posters not pictures. I said ya mama got the wooden legs with real feet.

Yo Mama So Fat When She Got On The Scale It Said, “I Need Your Weight Not Your Phone Number.”.

Yo mama's so fat, if she was a star wars character, her name would be admiral snackbar. Yo mama so fat main article: Yo momma is so fat when she got on the scale it said, “i need your weight not your phone number.