Yo Mama Jokes Thanos

Yo Mama Jokes Thanos. Yo momma so fat, they used google earth for her school photo. Yo mama's so fat, she brought a spoon to the super bowl.

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Thanos Avengers Infinity War YouTube
YO MAMA SO UGLY! Thanos Avengers Infinity War YouTube from www.youtube.com

Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond! It's for storing our valuables. Yo mama so ugly, she turned medusa to stone.

Yo' Mama Is So Stupid, When They Said, Order In The Court, She Asked For Fries And A Shake.

Yo mama's so fat, it took thanos two snaps to kill her. They fought, and it was a bloody battle,. Yo mama’s so stupid, she got locked in a mattress store and slept on the floor.

That It Took Her 9 Months To Make A Joke!

Yo mama so fat people jump off her as suicide. Thanos had to snap twice. Yo mama so fat, thanos had to clap.

Yo Mama's So Stupid, She Got Hit By A Parked Car.

The best 60 yo mama so fat jokes. Yo mama so ugly she made the joker stop laughing. These jokes mainly make fun of a mother for being elderly, obese, foolish, or unattractive in general.

They're Old, Stupid And Have Been Done By Literally Everyone Hundreds Of Times.

Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond! While tyrone and evelyn argue. Can we ban yo momma jokes from this sub?

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Maybe the floor was more comfortable than the mattress! I swerved my car to avoid hitting her and ran out of gas. Yo mama so fat thanos had to snap twice for her to disappear.