You So Tall Jokes

You So Tall Jokes. If you like this content, you can also read eye jokes and big forehead jokes. Five minutes later, he reappears and repeats the whole thing.

Oh you're so tall memes viral trends funny meme twitch kappa
Oh you're so tall memes viral trends funny meme twitch kappa from

My mother defending her height. He sits down, orders a huge beer, chugs it, walks over to the window, and jumps out. You are so tall that you tried to do a backflip and kicked god in the nuts.

Tall People Are Bigger Than That.

By the way, i converted to christianity.”. Top posts may 16th 2017. Every time a tall person bumps their head, somewhere a short.

Why Didn't The Tall Guy Get Into The Graveyard?

You are so tall that i can't see your face,. Yo mama so tall that when i told her to take one step back she went to the other side of the world. The giraffes of the human race since the beginning of time.

Tall People Are Only Good For Two Things:

You are so tall that no matter where you go, you can always see your house. Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond! 14 of them, in fact!

Yo Mama So Tall And Clumsy, She Airballs More Free Throws Then Deandre Jordan.

Tall people look like slinkies when they run. A guy walks into a bar on the top of a very tall building. Although he left before i got to show him what i.

Tall People Look Like Slinkies When They Run.

For everyone elses sake we hope that you stay there. A short person once said to me' you're so tall people might try to fly planes into you 4. They can see past it.