Your So Short Jokes

Your So Short Jokes. The best 35 your so stupid jokes. Yo momma so short she has to wear a torn napkin as a dress.

YO MAMA SO SHORT! Toilet YouTube
YO MAMA SO SHORT! Toilet YouTube from

118 dumb and stupid jokes that are actually funny! They need to lose some weight to stop from crashing. Classic jokes puns family friendly jokes.

You're So Short That When You Sit On The Curb Your Feet Are Way Off The Ground.

You're so short that when you get angry at people for making fun of you, all you can do is bite their ankles. Imagine having a friend that is so stupid that it makes him so funny as well. The husband opens the door to leave and just as he is walking out the wife says, i hope you die a slow and painful death you son of a bitch.

Yo Mama So Short, She Don't Roll Dice, She Pushes Them.

Frostleman thx i’m actually pretty short all my friends are so tall lol thx ☺️. Kimmymanchip i’m 10 and 5,3. Short jokes — 100 best jokes that’ll get people laughing in no time.

And Artoo Is Short For R2D2.

Three men die together in an accident and are sent to hell. You are so short, i bet your parents left you at home most times when they went to the pool, because they’re scared you’ll drown in the kiddie pool. They need to lose some weight to stop from crashing.

This May Put You At A Disadvantage Because Whenever You Remember One, I Hope For Your Sake You Aren’t Drinking Water.

Someone stole the toilet in. I used to think the brain was the most important organ. What did the policeman say to his hungry stomach?

Those Of You Who Have Teens Can Tell Them Clean Your So Annoying Chrome Firefox Dad Jokes.

Troy thought he met miss right, then he found out her first name was always. Yo mama so short she plays soccer with atoms. A guy was watching tv and his wife came in and said, the car won't start.