Your So Weak Jokes

Your So Weak Jokes. “you kids don’t know what hard times are. 14 yo mama so poor she went mcdonalds for free wifi.

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Feeling So Tired… Tired quotes funny, Tired funny, Friday quotes funny from

Ask what you want ,and the poor asks for a cup of tea. Well, i don't have any medicine for that so. You've got your memory back.

Yo Mama So Poor They Caught Her Shoplifting At Dollar General.

Finally, one man says to the other, “american.”. 15 yo mama so poor she has the ducks throw bread at her. She must be really poor.

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The behemoth is holding 15 pizzas with one hand, a pallet of buffalo wings with the other, with a keg strapped to each shoulder. He buys the only horse he could afford, one that has its commands messed up. Why, when i was your age we were so poor we couldn’t afford electricity.

Take The Mom To Three!

Two neighbours, one is rich and the other is poor. Yo mama so ugly, when she walks into the dentist, they make her lay face down. Our family was so poor when i was growing up if i hadn’t been a boy, i’d have had nothing to play with.

Yo Mama Is So Poor She Cant Afford To Wash Herself So She Stands In The Rain.

Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. Two men are roommates in a hospital. Yo mama so old, when she was young, rainbows were still black and white.

Every Morning,He Wipes The Lamp And A Genie Comes Out And Say :

We were so poor when i was a kid. The cowboy sets off riding the horse, feeling silly for saying 'whoa'. That way i'd have something new to ware and something to play with.