Dumb Medical Jokes

Dumb Medical Jokes. The doctor says, “you’ve broken your finger”. We'll pay you $1,000 if we fail. a doctor thinks this is a good opportunity to earn $1,000 and goes to his clinic.

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A father brought his son into the doctor because the boy had a matchbox car. Classic jokes puns family friendly jokes. During a party, a doctor is telling a lawyer that he is sick of his friends asking him for free medical advice.

He Tells The Doctor Not To.

The doctor says, “well, i think it’s because you’re two tired.”. And we promise you’ll easily. The doctor said, “take the green pill with a big glass of water when you wake up.

Imagine Having A Friend That Is So Stupid That It Makes Him So Funny As Well.

I don’t understand what the point of acupuncture is! But then realization dawns upon us, and we become conscious of the fact that we'll actually be less dead if we go to a doctor. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after you eat lunch.

Hospital Humor Is Not Just Jokes And Pranks, It Can Also Be More Of A Permanent Fixture.

As i was admitted to the hospital for a procedure, the clerk asked for my wrist and said, “i’m going to. I was told a joke about amnesia but i do not remember how it goes. A friend of mine was destined to be an osteopath.

The Nurse Will Give A Skin Test To A Patient To Test For Allergic Reaction.

The doctor says, “you’ve broken your finger”. “the doctor is so funny; He’ll have you in stitches.”.

I Told The Doctor I Was Not Going To Have Brain Surgery.

“i hope not — i only came in for a checkup.”. An engineer who was unemployed for a long time decided to open a medical clinic. I have lost my sense of taste.